Do we need them?



If you've never been to a Motor Race, Airshow or Concert before and are unsure whether your child needs Ear Defenders this page is a must read for you.

I'll try and put this in perspective for you. The 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulation stipulates:

80dB(A) noise action level

If you feel your working environment is above 80dB(A) then a noise assessment survey is to be carried out, to ascertain the risk.
Exposure above 80dB(A), but below 85dB(A) employers must

  1. provide employees with information, training and advise them of the health risks
  2. provide free hearing protection to employees, however wearing of the hearing protection is the employee’s choice.

85dB(A) noise action level

Where the working environment exceeds this level the employers must

  1. provide free and enforce the wearing of hearing protection
  2. clearly mark hearing protection zones
  3. put together a programme of noise control measures to reduce noise exposure where practically possible

87dB(A) noise action level

Exposures above this level are forbidden.

Basically this means that it's advisable to wear Ear Protection at work if noise levels exceed 80dB(A) and it's against the law to work in an environment where noise levels exceed 85dB(A) unless Ear Protection is worn.

To give you some idea the noise levels at trackside on an F1 weekend  or next to the runway at an Airshow can exceed 130dB(A). This has been likened to someone shouting as load as they can directly into your ear from only a few inches away.

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Exposure to this level of noise can cause permanent hearing damage in under 1 minute.

The table below will give you a guide. Remember, Permanent Hearing Loss means your ears are damaged forever.

If you're not sure how loud an event will be it's much safer to take Edz Kidz Ear Defenders with you and not need them than NOT take them and wish you had. Your kids will thank you when they're older. Trust us.